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Educational Technology Innovations (ETI) leads the technical development of projects that span collegiate disciplines. Our people have a wide range of experiences that include entrepreneurial efforts in building and selling businesses, leading donor funding relations, and managing complex higher education organizations. ETI functions as a knowledgeable and nimble organization and attracts people that thrive in a fast-paced, cutting-edge environment.

The ETI staff is only part of what makes us successful. Without the deep discipline knowledge that exists across the College of Education + Human Development (CEHD), we would be unable to build products that make a difference. Likewise, without a mindful and mutually beneficial connection to our external communities, we would not have the societal impact that is our calling. Together, ETI connects the deep knowledge that exists inside the college with people and organizations on the outside that need it most.

The CEHD at the University of Minnesota has been an innovative leader for over 100 years. From the K-rations deployed in World War II to the curriculum-based measurements developed in the 1970s to the identification of relational aggression that still shapes the field of aggression research, CEHD faculty have pioneered numerous fields of study and ground-breaking research.

As a leading research university, we are compelled to assure that our discoveries have a lasting societal impact, and ETI has been established to do just that. By connecting our researchers with technology innovators; new products, platforms, and environments are created and broadly distributed throughout the world.

One such product is flipgrid whose emergence came directly from ETI origins. At ETI, we are committed to transforming discoveries for a brighter future.



Building on the success of Vidku, Inc., ETI is currently building new platforms and environments in both education and human development fields.

  • Connecting with CEHD’s Faculty, researcher and other University staff, ETI can help develop sustainable and scalable software innovations.
  • Utilizing the Agile Development, rapid development methodologies and latest in technology innovations and solutions to take CEHD research and ideas to create products and solutions.
  • Sustainable and scalable solutions for continued innovations in research and education.

Our Work

Inspired by the creation of the Flipgrid in the CE+HD, we focus our work on designing, developing, and disseminating software platforms in partnership with University of Minnesota faculty. Our work intends to make University knowledge accessible while maintaining evidence-based understandings from the research findings.

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John Behr

John Behr

Executive Director of ETI

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Lead Developer

Joe Turgeon

Lead Developer

David Hoffman

Chief Marketing Officer

Allie Causin

Product Owner

Viet Do


Elena Erofeeva


Chris Lizama


Leah Grim



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Looking for unicorns, ninjas, mermaids, and other rare breeds! Building on the success of Vidku, Inc., ETI is currently building new platforms and environments in both education and human development fields.

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